What is Redx Botswana

REDX brings together technical experts, innovators, researching institutions, implementation partners and corporate partners that will allow us to solve the most pressing challenges within our communities. REDX labs and clubs serve as gateways to the energy and creativity of innovators who are creating solutions to satisfy significant social needs. In collaboration with experts from several research centers, bright young innovators from all regions around the world have the opportunity to work closely with corporate executives, academics from institutions of higher learning, government officials and experienced mentors to imagine and develop solutions to solve major problems affecting citizens in resource-constrained areas and situations.

Redx Botswana is a club that dedicated its focus on working with the community, government, developers and innovators to bring about solutions to the community problems across the globe using modern technologies. We seek to provide a home to help technology startup companies develop, execute and make sustainable strategies for their business in a suitable, or conducive environment. Our aim is to set a solution based technology Centre with the aim of empowering young people in the world of today. We believe the internet has made the world a global village which in turn has given us a global economy whereby we are free to transact information, money, goods and services without the need of centralization. We have already created partnerships around the world with other technology companies.

Spot- Probe Activities

1. 8th-24 Jan.2018 4-6pm Application and Registration of community innovators and consultation with stakeholders
2. 26th Jan.2018 9am-1pm Launch Activity (Preferably at university of Botswana and second activity at on one of the busy malls in Gaborone.(Riverwalk mall)
3. 29th Fan-2th Feb.2018 4-6pm Board Meeting and stakeholders meeting(sharing the mission and vision of Redx Global)
4. 5th-9nd Feb.2018 4-6pm SPOT-PROBE(identification of problems and possible solutions.
5. 12th-16th Feb.2018 4-6pm Team Building (divide innovators according to their skills and roles in the possible project.
6. 19th-25th Feb.2018 4-6pm After identifying the projects : Planning (Systems analysis, requirements definition)
7. 28th Feb-1th March.2018 4-6pm Systems design:(screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams, pseudocode)
8. 5th -9th March.2018 4-6pm System Development: Coding, Testing
9. 12th-16th March.2018 4-6pm Prototype(Validation of project :showcasing project to stakeholders and experts)
10. 19th-23th March.2018 4-6pm Final Presentation of the spot-probe project

Core Team

  • Mrs.Alakanani Itireleng
    BA humanities, MBA-international business. Enterpreneur, founder and CEO of satoshicentre the only blockchain hub in Botswana.Founder at Plaas: farmers management system built on the blockchain.
  • Mr.Koketso Pelo
    Koketso Pelo is studying software engineering,Co-founder of satoshicentre and Botswana REDX Leader
  • Mr.Onthusitse Kegometswe
    Mr.Onthusitse Kegometswe is studying software engineering and has the skills in the area of finance, marketing and advertising. He is a Bitcoin and blockchain trainee.
  • Mr.Leatile Piet
    Web Master
    Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) Degree in Software Engineering and Web Developer .


  • Mr.Sydney Medupe
    Lecture Botho College.Partner at Royal Business School
  • Mr. Edward Sello
    Lecture: Molepolole College of Education. Design and Technology and ICT.
  • Dr. Pogisego Dinake
    Analytic chemistry and enviromental chemist: Botswana University
  • Dr Donald Ariisa
    Chief Advisor
     Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Mbarara UniSversity of science and Education(lecture and medical Practitioner)